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Sunday Papers

Apr 28, 2024

So long OJ- You had a killer life! A man spends the payout from his wife’s life insurance on a sex doll, an 8-yr-old drives his drunk mother home and there is a new robotic flame-breathing dog for sale. Also the debate about Calvin and Hobbes continues.

Apr 21, 2024

Everybody is in jail this week: Florida man, Texas boy, The Boston Bomber and El Chapo. Also Trump both smelt it and dealt it.

Apr 14, 2024

We look back (but not directly at) the solar eclipse and fantasize about beating a man up at Disney world. Also Korea may steal all of Bitcoin.

Apr 7, 2024

We celebrate Greg’s birthday, the eclipse and NCAA basketball. There’s an earthquake in NY and an attack with a bible in Florida. Also, The British Parliament is pretty gay.