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Sunday Papers

Apr 25, 2021

Greg Zooms in from the City of Brotherly Love while Mike sits in his closet hoping his daughter doesn’t hear him roasting Caitlyn Jenner. A listener joins us to play “Guess Your Birthday” and Chris Denman has the shits.

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Apr 18, 2021

An extended length podcast where Greg admits to coming around on Khruangbin and we describe a Florida man jumping a drawbridge in a mini-van. Listener contest announced for next week!

Apr 11, 2021

It’s Mike’s birthday and he celebrates by sitting alone in a closet and laughing at a man (not in FLA!) who molested an Elmo doll. NSFW. May not be safe for home either.



Apr 4, 2021

The Girl Scouts take a beating this week, our horoscope tells us to buy a Porsche on credit and we have a new rule about who is allowed to wear a thong to the beach.