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Sunday Papers

Sep 24, 2023

EVERYBODY’S LISTENING TO THIS WEEK’S SUNDAY PAPERS (especially the woman in TX with no arms and legs who cannot shut it off). Baltimore students are failing, monks are sobering up and Pauly Shore may be playing Richard Simmons in a movie!

Sep 17, 2023

The Jets break Mike’s heart, Boebert disrupts a musical, Bill Maher disrespects the strike and candidates streaming porn is the new stump speech. 

Sep 10, 2023

Delta flight has some diarrhea, The Boss calls in sick, a whorehouse is offering Mormons a discount and it’s the 125th anniversary of the 1st DUI!

Sep 3, 2023

Trigger warning: lot of death in today's episode - and not just Mike's jokes about Florida. Another jet ski escape, McConnell’s poker face, and a cow in Nebraska riding shotgun.