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Sunday Papers

Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas to all of our loyal wonderful listeners! On this magic day we bring you tales from FLA of a man setting a police cruiser on fire, a woman in MI stalking her own daughter, and a man in Boston dangling out a 12th story window by his drawers. Happy New Year!

Dec 18, 2022

Elon Musk is on Ambien, 54% of injured drivers are on THC, and the Senate is no longer on TikTok. Allegiant Air throws off a passenger for saying “Penis” and a FLA Man throws a Christmas tree at his wife. Gubbins almost gets on the show...

Dec 11, 2022

The listeners beat up on Mike this week who has some big news. A Mormon gets it on with a guy in front of his 20 wives, a FLA man gets it on with a Labradoodle in front of his kids, and Celine Dion has gone stiff. Brittney Griner is back and a journalist has a mysterious death at the World Cup; did he die of boredom?

Dec 4, 2022

NYC is now picking up crazy people off the streets, San Francisco has robocops, and a FLA Man hits his girlfriend with a sex toy. Also, Putin shit his pants.

Nov 27, 2022

Steve Jobs sandals sold for $218k, Dylan’s new book sold for $600 (until they found out the autograph was fake), and remember the time Aerosmith and 50 Cent played a Bat Mitzvah for $10m? Podcast is still free! Happy Thanksgiving!