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Sunday Papers

Jun 26, 2022

Oh yeah we talk about it. And then some. Also an Oklahoma theatre fast forwards past a Buzz Lightyear kiss, something scary comes out of a Florida woman’s pants and ‘what is the best first song on a first album’?

Jun 19, 2022

A mushroom update, Apple’s new product that helps you murder and Kim defiles a national artifact. Also stories on Canadian beavers, illegal Saudi rainbows and someone throws out a first pitch like a girl.

Jun 12, 2022

An update on mushrooms, a handicap drug smuggler and a quick chat with CHAOS author Tom O’Neill. A FedEx truck slams into a guy getting road-smoke and Make America Florida!


Jun 5, 2022

Lot of news from Florida as well as a Mexican hurricane which identifies as THEM. An 83 year old pastor takes up doing gay porn and a 22 yr old Scottish woman is hired to watch it.