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Sunday Papers

Jul 31, 2022

We talk about Mike’s surgery and Greg’s new movie. We cover a big trade in the WNBA, Springsteen cutting ties to the poor and girls twerking and giving out shots on a NYC subway. Happy Anniversary today Erin.

Jul 24, 2022

This week we learn that Kylie Jenner is a bad person, some politicians are sent to jail, Greenland is melting and Larry David acts exactly like Larry David. We may have made some jokes about the WNBA as well.

Jul 17, 2022

Ivana Trump has died falling down her stairs; documentary coming? Elon Musk’s father is having sex with his stepdaughter, Ricky Martin is having sex with his nephew and a mom’s group thinks Thor is gay. We cover all your submissions for “Better than the original”.

Jul 10, 2022

U.S. Kids are putting on weight but shedding IQ points, an 86 yr old flight attendant refused to retire, Paul Rudd signs a nerd’s yearbook and we finally talk about the Carlin documentary.

Jul 3, 2022

As Mike beams in from an upstate NY lake cabin Greg recounts the chaos at The Comedy Store this week. Texas schools are “rebranding” slavery as “involuntary relocation”. Yup. Ricky Martin may be straight and a German boy does what Germans love best- gets in a world of shit.