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Sunday Papers

Nov 29, 2020

It’s a party! Cher saves an elephant and the Taiwanese parliament is hurling pig intestines at each other. Dagwood sucks...


Nov 22, 2020

Florida Man this week is a guy sitting in the front row of Greg’s show in Tampa. Mike is out of toilet paper and WTF is running down Rudy’s face?

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Nov 15, 2020

Consenting sex robots, a very hands on Florida theme park, and "Baby Fae" is remembered - Joanne writes in, still has a crush. 

Nov 8, 2020

New president- same Sunday Papers! Magic mushrooms and Exorcism in Portland and, as always, Florida Man comes through big.


Nov 1, 2020

Costco fires the Thai monkeys that were picking their coconuts, Lori Loughlin goes directly to jail, and maybe a little about the election.