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Sunday Papers

Aug 28, 2022

What’s Sunday without tales of beastiality, selling limbs on Facebook and Prince Charles trying to bond with the Queen? Also a cancer survivor thanks us for saving his life. It's what we do.

Aug 21, 2022

A couple has sex on a Ferris wheel, AirBnB drops some listings because they were slave shacks in another life, Anne Frank’s Diary is now banned in some TX schools and Greg still hasn’t watched The Rehearsal.

Aug 14, 2022

 Salman Rushdie is attacked in the slowest fatwa in history, babies are being dropped at firehouses, Las Vegas is under water but thankfully Steven Seagal is in Ukraine to straighten things out. 


Aug 7, 2022

The Brittney Griner defense team falls short of freeing her; hoping for a rebound on appeal. Alex Jones takes his first bath in a long time, Georgians are now listing their fetuses as dependents and we say goodbye to Vin Scully.