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Sunday Papers

Mar 26, 2023

We talk about the big St Paddy's Day Show and dive into Kanye's sudden love for Jews, Congress’ hatred for Tik Tok, and a billionaire dumping his wife because she got dementia. Rick Allen, The drummer for Def Leppard was attacked and a principal in FLA is fired for allowing a class to see Michelangelo’s David.


Mar 19, 2023

We recorded in person for the 1st time! Better? Worse? You decide. Abortion, Drag Queens and a spy cam in a bathroom. Good wholesome news from your friends at Sunday Papers!

Mar 12, 2023

We talk about tonight's’ Oscars and yesterday's Oscars. There are goats loose in San Francisco, cocaine leopards in Ohio and a woman in FLA caught with meth in a place only Fla Man should go. We do a quick (positive) review of Chris Rock's special and answer your questions.

Mar 5, 2023

Biden calls for a draft? Tom Brady is now a standup comedian, a lot of anti-drag politicians in drag and Florida woman gives a curious pee sample.