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Sunday Papers

Oct 24, 2021

Greg talks about going to the Stones, Mike talks about Wheeler Walker Jr’s wedding at Graceland. Superman is now super gay, Bond is now super dead, and 76 yr old Rod Stewart is in trouble for assaulting a security guard. 
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Oct 17, 2021

Hannah Gadsby weighs in on Chappelle, but Ted Sarandos holds his ground. A California woman throws sex parties for teenagers and Lindsey Graham is jealous of the Gucci bags Brazilian immigrants are bringing across the border. BTW Jonah Hill is not interested on what you think of his weight. 


Oct 10, 2021

After recounting adventures at a celebrity golf tournament Greg and Mike played in this week, they laugh at The Bieb who was duped by a fake Tom Cruise. Anti-vaxers are trying to find jobs, and people on the Spectrum are trying to find love. Mike gives his review of Chappelle at The Hollywood Bowl and then...

Oct 3, 2021

Dog The Bounty Hunter is here to solve the Gabby Petito murder! Brady heads to New England to settle some business and there is a new device which detects if you’re high (use promo code Doug Benson). Also Brett Kavanaugh has Covid and a gay hairdresser has jumped ship.

Sep 26, 2021

This week Mike is in Montana and Greg is in CT and there are a lot of dead bodies in the news. The live ones include a groping Chris Cuomo, a divorced Elon Musk, a gun wielding woman who wants her Chipotle and Cpt Kirk is going back to space.

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